Improving Your Golf Swing

Michael-Fassi-Improving-Your-SwingMichael Fassi is an avid golfer who makes sure to get some time on the green whenever he is traveling for business.  He understands the subtleties which go into a good golf swing, which can greatly improve your game.

Use Your Body

Proper foot placement is imperative to your swing.  By anchoring your feet you will put more power behind your swing which enables the ball to go farther.  It also allows you a more fluid and direct swing.  As you swing, keep your arm close to your body, and drive the club through the ball.  This helps the ball take a more direct path, with your full force behind it.  By applying this technique, you will eventually lower your swing count on every hole.

Do Not Hit the Ball too Hard

Having the proper stance will allow you to put enough force behind hitting the ball.  You do not need to put extra force into your swing, as it leads to a decrease in accuracy.  You can end up slicing the ball, missing it completely, or sending it too far to the left or right.  These issues inhibit your game more than simply hitting it to short.

Maintain the control of your swing by concentrating on the ball’s center.  Concentrate on regulating your swing, once you have mastered that you can add more force as necessary.  Remember you must have a good technique before you become successful.

Relax Before Executing Your Swing

Especially for teeing off at the start of a hole, it is important to relax your muscles.  Take a momentary pause to relax the muscles in your fingers and forearms while maintaining a loose grip while you are in your backswing.  This will allow you to have a faster execution with a brisker swing release and a longer drive distance.

Relax your Muscles

When you conduct your backswing, pause momentarily while maintaining a slight grip. To do this, relax all of your muscles in the forearms and fingers. You will ultimately execute a faster, brisker swing release and lengthen the distance of your drive. This is especially helpful when teeing off during the start of a hole.  Golf is a fun and relaxing sport, tensing up is unnecessary and can hurt your game.

Follow Through with your Swing

During your downswing, rotate your hips and follow through the ball.  This increases the speed of the club’s head allowing you a more effective and longer drive for the entire game.  Remember to keep your feet anchored while rotating to avoid slicing the ball.


Golf is a complex sport and the techniques involved are impossible to master overnight.  Slowly incorporating each strategy can help you gradually improve.  Practicing them every time you go out can help them become second nature through muscle memory.  Try to play with more experienced golfers or take an occasional lesson so you can get feedback on your skills.

Once you feel that your swing is getting better through practice, try visualizing exactly where you want the ball to go.  Imagine your entire swing in your head using the techniques you are working on.  This helps relax your mind and body before you swing, thus improving your overall game.  Do not take excessive practice swings, as this will make you tense up, impacting your confidence and performance levels.

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Improving Your Golf Swing
Golfers who are having difficulty with their swing are encouraged to try the following tips.